Dragon Revolt - Classic MMORPG

Licensed Dragon Revolt - Classic MMORPG 3.3

No permission to download

Root Needed?: No
License Needed?: Yes

1.) Choosable Damage Multiplier MAX 50
> Check DragonRevolt_Config.txt
> Input there your DMG multiplier on first line, save and play !
> Install steps in REAM ME FIRST.TXT

Install Steps:
1.) Install and Enjoy.

> Set Damage Multiplier to 1 then play

| Additinal Notes for users |
Don't try HARD or EXTREME stages as soon as you complete the NORMAL one because if you will 90% DIE ! Why ? Because this is just DAMAGE MOD and leaving the game in AUTO-Battle wont let you always WIN ... SO if you still want to win that stage in HARD or EXTREME you have to avoid a lot of attacks since the auto-battle system will force you to hit the Elite/Boss MOB and this way Normal Mobs will kill you for sure .

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