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Awesome.. love this game.
업데이트 빠르내요 지금은 실행 안되요 ㅠㅠ
Getting better and better
This mod is beyond belief. It's absolutely amazing. Want to obtain completion with convenience? Done. The modder, @icry4u, listened to the community and delivered astounding results. Thank you.
WHERE'S .24??!1!1!1
잼있어요 ~!!!! 업데이트좀 부탁드려요 이게임을 위해 가입했어요 ㅠㅠ
Update pls it's forced now
need new update
Great mod, tested even the old version for pirate event, worked pretty well, the new version works with danmachi event, I've cleaned every single story stage in normal and hard with this mod and it worked very well got 3 stars on everything, tested it even on gear daily, and all characters story dungeon for equip, 20 dollars well spent ;)
I didn't test it on PvP, and I think I won't do it to be safer but I can guarantee that it will works with everything else and you won't get banned for the things I listed, grats to the modder and to the support for an amazing work!
"install error: please uninstall the application and redownload from google play"
The 5* mod doesn't work now, as the implementation of favorite icon has been changed in 2.6.0. Please fix it
Amazing quality, we just now need a version which has no 10x hit and everything so it's not noticeable. Thanks for considering
Love the mod. I'm a new player but i cleared GB10 in under 2 mins, DB10 in under 2 mins & NB10 in under 3 mins which is possible thanks to the mod. Of course you can do all of them in under 1 mins but hey, you'll bring attention to yourself but of course there are some other exception but that can be discussed at a separate thread. 100% win in arena but of course mod don't work in defense for a good cause. I've been playing with this mod for almost 3 months, so long as you keep a low profile you won't get ban. Those who did get themselves ban probably has ridiculous records like clearing carios dungeon lvl 10 in under 1 min with beginner mons setup, clearing toan/toah at high stages and so on. Cracker team has a decent time in updating the mods (2 to 4 days)
I have to say, I'm impressed and will never stop my subscription for SW unti i get bored of the game.
anyone knows when will be an update ? in playstore is already since yesterday. Thx guys
The game update to 1.361
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