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Plz Update it asap. I see team always take other country first. Vietnam alway the last one.
I'm wating for update 1.3.2 thx
Can't sign in to any account please help
We need some more dmg and def would appreciate.
doesnt work..cannot open the game/.\
PLZ the mod is force closing rn everytime, bcuz today the game got new update 1.386 plz fix so i could play!!
oppo r15無法開啟遊戲會閃退
PLz add more mod features into the vip mod
Doesn't work. Downloaded it and it only opens a white screen. App won't ever start.
Acc got banned for one month even without playing co op, guess got prunk on solo events, I didnt use at start the kill all mob but when i used it a few times on event I got a game crash pop up and log submit, guess it was at that part. Got two other accs and no ban on them so far and i didnt use kill all screen.
This 1.12.mod can sometimes work and sometimes doesn't work. Please check the staff. Thank you.
faforite game
update pls, and add high damage pls
Please update 1.8.1 Thank you~
1.) Massive Player Stats <- not right
CAN'T use GG to speed up game
黑屏 开不到遊戏
Blackscreen for me aswell, what is wrong?
Absolutely fantastic! The 5* ATK makes for a more fluid gaming experience and lessens the effort for the grind.