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Update please :)
It does not start
it seems x10 not working
Awesome mod, being able to toggle the multiplier easily is super nice.
I installed it perfectly. But dmg def It does not work.

Other games have been tested.

But 7knight
It does not work
thank you thank you
The problem has not been resolved, and there is still a continuous disconnection. Please fix sir, thank you very much!
Update 1.2.4 Please
Game is still disconnecting in both modes.
Please address
w8ting for the update.. thank you Team Ar.
Game is dropped every few minutes,Please fix sir.
And with your mode, my modifier callde gameguardian can't be used, Can you improve that?
Thank you very much.
Thanks for the update 😉
I keep getting disconnected.. pls look into it..and also my katana damge bounces if damage is over 500k
Game is unstable, safe mode keeps disconnecting, , doesn't have full critical, attacks keep missing, please address. Thank you very much
Game keep disconected
Please fix sir
Thank you
needs an update