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update 1.5.1,please
Why I got stck when I open the game ? In new version ,please fix this
love you guys so much!!! god bless u guys s2
先用正常版本安裝登入FB or Goole帳號進入遊戲畫面,關閉遊戲
nice if the damage is controllable will be better
Why when I open all of image is black screen?
update 1.31.194340.please
Thanks for doing this mod...Didn't mean to bother,but I cannot open it.It's always keep black screen...Hope you can solve my problem.I don't know it's just 1.90 like this or other problem.
x10傷害跟上帝模式要如何使用呢? 找不到下載地方
Works perfect.
Great mod, it's better if skill "mp charge" and new skill lvl 4 become "1second" too
Its a great mod , but it needs a little bit more for excellent
White Pages.....
I installed the apk then downloaded the AOV_TW.12112 and mod file. Then i tried to put the AOV_TW.12112 to /sdcard/ and install the mod apk. It can't work. Please help.
Work perfect
Data link is down
Error need to uninstall and redownload the game via PS
白屏啊- -怎么回事