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Aug 25, 2015
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Jan 4, 1991 (Age: 27)


Member, Male, 27, from australia(brisbane)

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Nov 26, 2017
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    Jan 4, 1991 (Age: 27)
    devices owned : galaxy 3s(root)-5s(rooted ) galaxy 7 developers prototype (nova firmware) one plus 2 flag ship killer(yeah its a beast)
    one plus 3t a3010 running development prototypes of oxy os and nethunter
    nexus 6,7,10 ( dual booting android root and kali nethunter)
    pwnee express 2015-gal5s
    galaxy 8 non rooted
    nividia k1 tablet-root

    virtualised systems: (emulators) andyOS (android rooted with andy root kit) , bluestacks(android rooted with easystacks)
    (proxy boxes for android virtualisation run on a rassbery pi3)

    desktop computer: alien ware area 51 dual booting windows 8.1 pro and kalilinux 2.0)
    notebook: alienware m17.3 (windows 8.1 pro)
    razer blade pro 2016, windows ten and kali rolling
    msi dominator-windows ten pro

    few other audrino systems booting various linux and white death builds as well as a few test systems for xda developers and ziperium but nothing over the top.

    for those that follow my games

    i use rpg maker xv ace unity 5 and unreal as my engines
    assets made with
    123d catch
    motion maker
    plant factory.
    substance painter and designer

    VR stuff i dont talk about at this time.

    a few sites that may help you before you bug me (no question is a stupid question but this may educate you some more)
    -Kali Linux Tools Listing | Penetration Testing Tools

    hardware tools of the trade listed below for quick entry into search engines and amazon and ebay . long list

    1.smakn usb programmer ch341a series burner 24 eeprom bios lcd writer 25 spi flash
    2. sparkfun(pid12942) buspirate v3.6 (4.0 pro is better)
    3. atmel 328 micro controller chip
    4. sizet pic kit3 debugger programer emulator/development board
    5.JTAG ice atmega usb emulator and debugger
    6. arduino pri mico (get yourself a micro usb plug or a mircro to micro adaptor
    7.arduino uno r3
    8.hiletgo node mcu lua wifi esp8226 development board ( you flash your own bootloader with the audrino ide or its own flasher/ can support monitor mode and packet injection though this is up to you to do so)
    9. usb port surge protectors (make your own or buy a usbkill adaptor)
    10.ubertooth one (any sdr with the correct chipsets will do)
    11. proxymark v3
    12. yardstick one
    13 kuman simcom sim900 gsm/gprs quad band moduals 2/3/4g development board ( there are other models you research the bands in your country and the device you are going to build or modify first)
    14. winblink poe pd modual.
    15. Higlo packet dumper 14,6 ( for monitoring game cache and anti cheat systems)
    16, bliko board, for quick dump of patches.

    no longer supporting or developing the kernals to make cpus dump hooks or software to edit android manifest.xlm or anything to do with xingcode for community use. this is out of respect for the guys here that make money of there vip sales. and all copies of previous software have been removed from xda developers and other sources most of my spare development time goes on game development these days and not penertration testing or Modding. i dont get asked for that stuff on this forum but it never hurts to say so for the few that may stalk me from were i used to hand this out

    (edit 5/19/2016) no longer releasing mitm/ software for android as well as signal MT editor for android as it has been reported to me by a few friendly modders that they are losing sales from there mods because of people sharing these....with there friends to boost there steam wallet as well as get free purchases for clash of kings and maple story. this was originally only ment to be shared in secret so a few bad eggs have ruined this. if you have managed to track me from xda and a few other sites to here asking me for it here wont help you as mentioned i no longer support it and or give it out..

    no longer selling google play 100$ codes
    no longer selling steam wallet 100$ codes
    no longer selling psn 12m codes
    No longer supporting payment patch for age of warring empire
    No longer selling bot box hardware for pogo
    No longer supporting payment patches for raganorok

    Captive node for our onion sites if your after game mods and launchers typp:modpanic/android:emv.on

    about to go on active deployment should be back in march or april. stay safe every one .( edit no longer sure wene i'll be back and dont get much access to the net)
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