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[APP] GG Assistant v1.2.1274 (unofficial english version)

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by iAndroHackerDK, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. iAndroHackerDK

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    Apr 13, 2015
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    Hey guys. I make an english version of GG Assistant so everyone can understand it. it took me 5 days to translate to translate all strings in smali and xml files and i used photoshop to modify all png images. the tutorial is coming soon

    Name of Game: GG Assistant (GG 助手)
    Version: 1.2.1274 (2015-3-4)
    Root Needed?: YES/NO

    Manual Step:
    1. Login with your Facebook in-game to save your progress
    2. Uninstall the original game
    3. Download the APK file
    4. Go to app drawer, open "Downloads" system app and tap the downloaded APK file to start installations.
    5. Tap "Install"
    6. Run the game and login with your Facebook account.
    7. Enjoy!

    Credits To:
    Evildog1 (A.K.A iAndroHackerDK)

    Official website:

    Download Link:
    Click here to download

    1. Q: GG assistant which phones support

    A: Currently GG Assistant (GG助手) support most of the major mobile phone, supported models do not follow the brand distinction.

    [Applicable to Android ARM architecture supports the following platforms are] more than about 95% of these platforms, GG support Qualcomm Snapdragon Xiaolong
    NVIDIA Tegra
    MediaTek MTK
    Samsung Orion Exynos

    [Applicable] system version Android 4.0 and above models

    Special Note: does not support X86 architecture models, namely Intel mobile processor

    Common X86 models are as follows:

    Lenovo K900
    ASUS ZenFone 5
    Lenovo K800
    ASUS ZenFone 6
    ZTE Geek
    Motorola XT890 (RAZR i)
    Nokia Lumia 1000
    Acer Liquid C1

    2. Q: GG Assistant (GG助手) How to Use

    A: GG assistant has three major functions
    1) [memory] modifier - supports all games, including local game, if the "My Games" screen is not found, you can add a local application to import the bottom, of course, modify the premise that you use the phone has been ROOT .
    Please click Modify Tutorial → → GG memory modify how (ENGLISH TUTORIAL COMING SOON)
    2) [exclusive] auxiliary plug - currently more popular for a variety of 30 games, GG also include some exclusive assistance, such as the more recent fire "turret legend", GG provides a secondary spike & props prophets. But this aid must relate closely to the game channel sources, the version number, so please pay attention when using the auxiliary plug instructions in view supported. When your game and assisted match, just download this assistance, click on the "secondary open", you can normally use.
    Please click Modify Tutorial → → exclusive auxiliary modifier how to use (ENGLISH TUTORIAL COMING SOON)
    3) [the big game Mod download] - for the big game, especially in some overseas masterpiece, GG provides a cracked version of the rigorous testing. Google can give free markets, free download VPN packet, and a series of Mod-free shopping within the specific circumstances of each game is different break, please see the details of the game to break the plug.
    Please click Modify Tutorial → → how to Mod the big game (ENGLISH TUTORIAL COMING SOON)

    3. Q: GG Assistant requires root privileges?

    A: Currently on GG assistant download games you can play without root privileges, but if you want to use an auxiliary or memory changes the game, then you need root privileges to make changes in the future may increase root privileges without modification.

    4. Q: Why do I use GG assistant to download games?

    A: GG assistant game currently exist Baidu network disk, network disk ventilation due to Baidu, the current situation may be encountered when the need to enter a verification code to download, as well as sub-region may also encounter situations download not down. If the download is not down situations encountered in the forum feedback Your Feedback sector and geographical models.

    For example: Asphalt 8 can not be downloaded
    Model: millet phone 2S
    Network: Beijing Unicom

    5. Q: Why do I have to play the game with GG assistant black / flash back

    A: GG Assistant supports Google Play game resources for the original game as well as some of the market's genuine game, if you encounter a black screen flash back problem might be.
    1: with some security software, such as: 360 guards conflict, you can disable or uninstall the security software and try again. Currently in beta assistant GG, GG future assistants will fix some software conflicts and problems.
    2: GG assistant game all the original game, the original game itself there could flash back on some models, the situation is a black screen. For example, some large domestic games such as: Zombies 2 Android 4.4 can not support the ART model.

    6. Q: I see other people playing Asphalt 8 (or other games) can open auxiliary, very cool, and I can't use it

    A: First you have to check if your game has opened assist, if not open auxiliary, please check the appropriate assistance. If you do not see the secondary, to prove that you are playing the game may be copycat version or the version number is too low, GG assistant exclusive to the game assisted version, channel sources have strict limits, want to be sure you can turn on the auxiliary, the best way is to correspond GG assistant in the game to download.

    7. Q: I downloaded the game on GG assistant but the game can't install

    A: First, please update to the latest version of GG assistant followed when installing the game to make sure you have enough space on the phone, because the game on multiple GG assistant for the big game, the installation package is larger and slower installation, so before downloading make sure there is enough space for the phone, it may encounter the situation can not be installed.

    8. Q: My phone is Android 4.4 system, the phone has a built-in SD card, I can not find a Gameloft game installation package, how is it?

    A: Gameloft games for Android 4.4 support is poor, especially when the phone has a built-in SD card, the packet will be installed to the SD card, but in the game, the game by default if there is packet read phone memory, so users Gameloft play before the big game, you need to unmount the SD card, and then install the game, otherwise you may encounter situations the game can not be installed.

    This is the unofficial version, but does not exclude the presence of a small part of the BUG
    GG is currently not supported X86 models and Android version 4.0
    The following models, but need ROOTED devices to use auxiliary plugin (hacks/cheats)
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