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Battle of Souls [VIP Mod]

Discussion in 'VIP Game List' started by DaiCaVN, Dec 7, 2017.

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  1. DaiCaVN

    DaiCaVN Cracking Team
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    May 14, 2015
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    Root Needed?:
    License Needed?: Yes

    1.) Auto Win

    Playstore Link: Battle of Souls - Android Apps on Google Play

    Enthusiasm of 96 souls owning special stories and different jobs!

    Individual skills and attractive battles will be displayed,
    as those souls repeatedly fail and try to find better strategies!

    * Simple battles in various battlefields
    - To a volcano beyond a coastline, to a mine via mountains! Enjoy the various degrees of difficulty for each stage!
    - Conquer the Card Tower for the best combination!

    * The Arena system which you can experience nowhere
    - The 1:1 battle arena where regions, worlds, clans and even friends can compete together
    - One victory isn’t enough, team match tournament arena plus (+)

    Enjoy the amusing adventure together right now!

    Official café of Battle of Souls
    배틀 오브 소울즈 공식카페 : 네이버 카페

    Information about smart phone app access rights
    To provide service, the following access rights are required for app utilization.

    [Essential access rights]

    [Selective access rights]

    * How to Withdraw Access Rights
    - Android 6.0 or higher: Setting>Application manager>Select the [Battle of Souls] app>Right>Access rights can be withdrawn
    - Lower than Android6.0: It is impossible to separately withdraw access rights, so access rights can be withdrawn through deleting the app.

    ※As the agreement method in the Android operating system got dramatically different from the 6.0 version, people should first check if the version of the current device can be upgraded by using the updating software.
    If there already is an access right in the existing app about making an agreement to a lower version, the operating system of the higher version which has been changed can’t be applied immediately. In this case, the existing app should be deleted for resetting, in order to do reset the existing access right.

    Information about Products and Conditions of Use
    Conditions and period of use: Follows the details separately notified within the game
    (When the period of use isn’t notified, the period is until the service ending day.)
    The amount of payment and the payment method: Follows the amount and the method of payment separately notified for each product
    (When payment is made in foreign currencies, there can be a gap between the amount of payment and the actually charged amount due to exchange rates and service fees.)
    How to supply products: Products will be immediately supplied to game IDs (teams/ characters) of purchasers.

    - Game mod is always up to date
    - To login with google you must be rooted

    Interested in this mod as well as a great selection of exclusive releases?
    ---------->BUY VIP<----------

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