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How to remove Google Ads from any apk

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Happy, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Happy

    Happy Member

    Jan 13, 2015
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    This tutorial will learn you how to remove Google Ads from any APK (app), the ads are a specific part in the source code that can can be removed easily without damaging the app.
    Any ways, I encourage you to keep supporting the app developers by buying their apps. The outcome of this tutorial is made personal use only and you may not share (or even sell) the apps you cleaned from ads.
    - Java 6/7 (JRE or JDK)
    - APK Multi Tools
    - ADB


    Step 1. Download and install/extract all needed packages. (Install JRE/JDK 6/7 and unpack APK Multi Tool and ADB)

    Step 2. Looking what apps you have installed on your phone to pull (make sure you're in debugging mode)

    - In ADB folder, run adb.bat
    - Enter: "cd data/app"
    - Enter: "ls", now your apps will show up
    - Copy an apk name by right clicking in the cmd window and click mark, then mark the text and right click again to copy
    - Now terminate adb.bat by either pressing Control+C and enterying "y" or closing the window.
    Step 3. Pulling the apk

    - In ADB folder, hold shift and right click in an empty place in the folder (not on some file/folder) > Open Command window here
    (or press windows key + r and enter cmd, now enter "cd C:\your\adb\folder\here")
    - once in command prompt, enter: "adb pull /data/app/[right click > paste]"
    - After pulling the apk it will appear in your ADB directory. Now copy the apk

    Step 4. APK Multi Tools Setup

    - In APK-Multi-Tool folder, open setup.bat
    - Enter "3" and press enter
    - Enter "00" and press enter to exit setup
    - Browse to /place-apk-here-for-modding/ and press Control + V to paste your pulled apk

    Step 5. APK-Multi-Tool Decompilation

    - In APK-Multi-Tool folder, open script.bat and press enter
    - Enter: "24" and press enter, now choose your apk, probably #1
    - Enter: "9" and press enter to decompile your apk
    - Browse to the /projects/apkname folder
    Step 6. Removing the ads

    - In APK-Multi-Tool\projects\apkname.apk folder, open the smali folder
    - Then browse to the com folder and then to the google folder
    - Now you will see a folder called ads. remove this folder.

    Step 7. Compiling the apk

    - In APK Multi Tool, enter: "12" to start compiling the apk
    - When a new text dialog appears, enter: "3" and press enter
    - When the "keep folder" question shows press enter
    - Now your signed apk (without ads) can be found in the APK-Multi-Tool\place-apk-here-for-modding folder
    - Copy the apk (with "signed" in front of the name) and paste it in the ADB directory

    Step 8. Installing the result

    - Select the apk and press F2 (or change name) to copy then name to the clipboard then press enter to discard the name change
    - Now, hold shift and right click in an empty place in the folder (not on some file/folder) > Open Command window here
    (or press windows key + r and enter cmd, now enter "cd C:\your\adb\folder\here")
    - Enter "adb install [right-click > paste]"
    - Now the app will successfully install! Enjoy!
  2. Beast

    Beast i r noob

    Feb 28, 2015
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    tried many times.. but it crashes the program.. i tried with "tattoo my photo" :( í ½í¸£í ½í¸£í ½í¸•í ½í¸”í ½í¸”
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