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IDA Cheat Sheet [ List of hotkeys in HexRay's Interactive Diassembler ]

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Duelist, Jul 30, 2016.

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    Jul 17, 2016
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    Jump to operand ______________________________ Enter
    Jump in new window _______________________ Alt+Enter
    Jump to previous position ________________________ Esc
    Jump to next position ______________________ Ctrl+Enter
    Jump to address _________________________________ G
    Jump by name _______________________________ Ctrl+L
    Jump to function _____________________________ Ctrl+P
    Jump to segment _____________________________ Ctrl+S
    Jump to segment register ______________________ Ctrl+G
    Jump to problem ____________________________ Ctrl+Q
    Jump to cross reference _______________________ Ctrl+X
    Jump to xref to operand ___________________________ X
    Jump to entry point __________________________ Ctrl+E
    Mark Position _______________________________ Alt+M
    Jump to marked position ______________________ Ctrl+M

    Next code __________________________________ Alt+C
    Next data __________________________________ Ctrl+D
    Next explored _______________________________Ctrl+A
    Next unexplored ____________________________ Ctrl+U
    Immediate value ______________________________ Alt+I
    Next immediate value _________________________ Ctrl+I
    Text ______________________________________ Alt+T
    Next text __________________________________ Ctrl+T
    Sequence of bytes ____________________________ Alt+B
    Next sequence of bytes _______________________ Ctrl+B
    Not function ________________________________ Alt+U
    Next void __________________________________ Ctrl+V
    Error operand ______________________________ Ctrl+F

    Flow chart ____________________________________ F12
    Function calls _____________________________ Ctrl+F12

    Open Subviews
    Names ___________________________________ Shift+F4
    Functions ________________________________ Shift+F3
    Strings __________________________________ Shift+F12
    Segments _________________________________ Shift+F7
    Segment registers ___________________________ Shift+F8
    Signatures ________________________________ Shift+F5
    Type libraries _____________________________ Shift+F11
    Structures _________________________________ Shift+F9
    Enumerations ____________________________ Shift+F10

    Data Format Options
    ASCII strings style ____________________________ Alt+A
    Setup data types ______________________________ Alt+D

    File Operations
    Parse C header file ___________________________ Ctrl+F9
    Create ASM file ____________________________ Alt+F10
    Save database _______________________________ Ctrl+W

    Star process ____________________________________ F9
    Terminate process ___________________________ Ctrl+F2
    Step into ______________________________________ F7
    Step over ______________________________________ F8
    Run until return _____________________________ Ctrl+F7
    Run to cursor ___________________________________ F4
    Breakpoint list ___________________________ Ctrl+Alt+B
    Delete watch __________________________________ Del
    Stack trace ______________________________ Ctrl+Alt+S

    Calculator _____________________________ Shift+/
    Cycle through open views ________________ Ctrl+Tab
    Select tab _________________________ Alt + [1…N]
    Close current view ______________________ Ctrl+F4
    Exit ___________________________________ Alt+X
    IDC Command ________________________ Shift+F2

    Edit (Data Types – etc)
    Copy ____________________________________ Ctrl+Ins
    Begin selection _______________________________ Alt+L
    Manual instruction __________________________ Alt+F2
    Code __________________________________________ C
    Data __________________________________________ D
    Struct variable _______________________________ Alt+Q
    ASCII string ____________________________________ A
    Array ______________________________________ Num *
    Undefine ______________________________________ U
    Rename _______________________________________ N

    Operand Type
    Offset (data segment) _____________________________ O
    Offset (current segment) ______________________ Ctrl+O
    Offset by (any segment) ________________________ Alt+R
    Offset (user-defined) __________________________ Ctrl+R
    Offset (struct) ___________________________________ T
    Number (default) ____________________________ Shift+3
    Hexadecimal ____________________________________ Q
    Decimal _______________________________________ H
    Binary _________________________________________ B
    Character ______________________________________ R
    Segment _______________________________________ S
    Enum member __________________________________ M
    Stack variable ___________________________________ K
    Change sign ________________________________ Shift+-
    Bitwise negate ______________________________ Shift+`
    Manual ____________________________________ Alt+F1

    Enter comment ______________________________ Shift+;
    Enter repeatable comment __________________________ ;
    Enter anterior lines ______________________________ Ins
    Enter posterior lines ________________________ Shift+Ins
    Insert predefined comment ___________________ Shift+F1

    Edit segment ________________________________ Alt+S
    Change segment register value __________________ Alt+G

    Struct var __________________________________ Alt+Q
    Force zero offset field ________________________ Ctrl+Z
    Select union member __________________________ Alt+Y

    Create function __________________________________ P
    Edit function ________________________________ Alt+P
    Set function end _________________________________ E
    Stack variables ______________________________ Ctrl+K
    Change stack pointer __________________________ Alt+K
    Rename register _________________________________ V
    Set function type _________________________________ Y
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