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Merry Christmas Eve Everybody ~ Non vip's / Vips

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DevilBladee522, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. DevilBladee522

    DevilBladee522 Advance Member

    Feb 16, 2015
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    Hello everybody,

    This post is to wish everybody a Merry christmas eve. Will write some stuffs on how i feel about this forum and my stay at this forum ( personal view )

    Firstly, this is for the vips, i believe that, it's been a long journey for the staff members in Android Republic. And it's been a very tiring journey for them as well, to keep updating the mods everyday whenever the game have a new patch or updates on it. There's alot of people constantly spamming for quick updates on the mods when the game is having a new update. And there's also been alot of times whereas the staff members been telling the vips members nicely that the staffs is aware of the updates and will work on it asap when they're free. But somehow, these members always try to act like they didnt know about the rules and the patience of the staff members, especially the modders who spent their time modding a perfect/safe mod for you to use ( Do remember that some mods if you're not careful, you get instant ban when you log in or tried to use the mod ). They spent time carefully to make sure that everyone gets their account secure/safe while enjoying the mod features that they offered to you guys. But they just don't appreciate it and go around to abuse it. I really do hope during this festival, we will learn from our mistakes and move on with more positive attitude towards the effort the staff members put in. This is not just for our own benefits, but also the staff members, the lesser you spam for updates, the more effort they put in because they know you guys are giving them time and being patience and they're thankful for your understanding. For example, dragon blade was updated today within less than 24 hours, that is one of example of giving them time and being patience.

    Secondly, this is for the non vips, i know that not alot of members can pay for 20 usd per month for the vips but sometimes the staff members are nice to give free vip's for contest giveaway on the forum, but somehow also, there's not alot of members participate in it as well. From the last contest, i could see alot of views on the thread, but not much members join in the contest. I don't know if this is being shy or you're afraid that you won't win. But rest assured that the staff members are all fair and equal, if your post wins their hearts, you win the free vip. So just go ahead and join the contest. There's also public mods section whereas members can access to some of the exclusive mods made by the staff members for the public, the forums have different staffs managing different sections, some are in charge of modding vip mods, some is in charge of modding public mods, but neverthless, public mods are also to be appreciate by the ones who spent time to post and make for the public.

    In conclusion, we must learn from our old mistakes and move on to a better start. I remember admin said that in the new year 2016, there are new rules in the forums, especially for the vips, if vips can't obey, they will be ripped off their vip status and will never get to join the team again. So i hope nobody will get this thing happen to them.

    Apart from all the above, during my stay in this forum, i get to know some good friends. Some are very nice such as @FookingReal . And @hieubui21 , often talked to me, although i don't know whats his ign in the games that we played but its best not to know each other ign and give anyone else. Because you will never know if someone will just report your ign up to the developers to investigate.

    Just in case you don't know who are the staff members.

    Staff Members Of AR :

    1) @FookingReal - ( Very cool man :D )
    2) @Uncle_BoB - ( The real man of this forum, he is often the guy giving expert advice to modders )
    3) @Dogboy69 - ( Making videos for AR - always have nice songs in it XD )
    4) @stelau4 - ( Junior mod team - making mods for public )

    There's somemore i can't remember their full names, if the staff members can edit the list on my behalf would be great.

    Apart from these, Merry christmas Eve and enjoy your holidays :D

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  2. stelau4

    stelau4 EMT
    Exclusive Modding Team

    Sep 2, 2015
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    Others are
    @fantasy235 Modding team (genius)
    @hiyall360 Modding team (genius)
    @GuzmonJ (jmt) brilliant modder
    @icry4u (jmt) brilliant modder
    @DaemonXSoul (great guy in keeping things in order)
    @ATSparhawk (great guy in keeping things in order)

    And you can't forget about
    @h3yf00l (coc injection guy lol)

    I also forgot all the support language team too :)

    Merry Xmas eve :)
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    Last edited: Dec 24, 2015
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  3. icry4u

    icry4u PM if you need anything
    Exclusive Modding Team

    Nov 4, 2015
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    Merry Xmas eve... i don't have much to say but i have all the respect and love for this community and i'm really happy that i joined.. this is my second home ^-^

    And I'm really thankful to @hiyall360 to give me this opportunity to join JMT team got me to know some really good friends like
    @stelau4 @GuzmonJ i really love you guys ( no homo lol )

    @fantasy235 @hiyall360 i really look up to you <3
    And all AR team

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  4. stelau4

    stelau4 EMT
    Exclusive Modding Team

    Sep 2, 2015
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    haha the no homo words of GuzmonJ
    but for real i do also look up to these guys they have showed us so much and we cant begin to show how much we appericaite it
  5. hieubui21


    Nov 7, 2015
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    Merry Xmas to @TeamAR as well and all the staff, thank you guys for great time and supporting our enjoyment here at TeamAR

    @@2I don't know why the heck I attach a file .. lol please some one remove it .. this is crazy lol why I attach a picture

    @DevilBladee522 Merry Xmas bro. have a happy new year. it okay if we not know each other IGN .. as longa s we help it each other here, that's all matter

    Attached Files:

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  6. Andoru Ray

    Andoru Ray Video Editor

    Jul 28, 2015
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    Happy New Gear!

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