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Rejected Pokeland:Legends

Discussion in 'Rejected Request' started by Phrozen, Nov 16, 2016.


Worth making a Mod/Trianer for?

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  2. No

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  1. Phrozen

    Phrozen i r noob

    Nov 16, 2016
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    Game Name: Pokeland:Legends
    Game Version: 0.9.0
    Google Play Store Link: Spirit Monster (Full) - Android Apps on Google Play
    APK Link: ‏‎Pokeland Legends‎‏ < Click the "Play Game" button it will download the apk or use the google playstore link to do the same >.<
    Cheat Requested: Anything is a step up from nothing.
    Have you used any cheat engines? No (Not rooted cant root LGK540)

    Ok, so I found myself scouring the web looking for a mod/trainer on this game only to be humored at the skids trying to get money from survey adds as a false trainer. In addition, when I looked at the request history from the plebs on this community only to find that they are making the request for "Spirit Monsters" When that's not actually the title of the game. (chuckles!) Anyway, to take note you guys decided not to take interest in the game because its "Beta" When the title even on the android website clearly states its "Full" Meaning FULL GAME. Spirit Monster (Full) - Android Apps on Google Play < See here for details

    In addition, I also see that some of the apple mod/trainer/hackers have taken interest, in this game leaving android users a lonely soul. Pokeland Legends v1.0 (+1) Vip Cheats - Cydia Substrate Cheats < see here for details. It's quite sad.

    Oh and to clarify the title of the game is NOT SPIRIT MONSTERS (Chuckles) Here is there actual facebook page. ‏‎Pokeland Legends‎‏
    ( Google: Pokeland legends - Google Search )

    On that note please take some time to recalculate your thoughts pull your horns in and actually give this a little consideration thanks devs may the force be with you

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  2. Dogboy69

    Dogboy69 I AR Make Video
    Staff Member Team AR

    Jan 26, 2015
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    We had this in VIP but only thing that was possible was like the IOSGODS mod you showed, even with that it only worked properly in the arena trial none of the others.
    The rest of the game modes are server sided turning the auto win mod into a skip battle function that will cause you to fail a battle if your power is too low.

    As for your attitude, please don't keep making posts insulting other members of the forum as well as do some research before telling us we need to "pull our horns in"
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