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Approved Staff Ranks, Title Ladder and Trophies

Discussion in 'Forum News' started by h3yf00l, Dec 10, 2015.

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  1. h3yf00l

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    Apr 2, 2014
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    Greetings Members!

    This thread was created to explain Staff Ranks, User Title Ladder and Trophy system. They will be sorted by that order

    For those who don't know about the staff ranks we have, this thread will explain everything.
    We try not to label people in "ranks" since everyone has different skill sets but just to get an idea:

    Staff Ranks

    Administrators - Head of management.

    The ones who create the mods:

    Modding Team - The big guns who Mod the protections and produce quality mods

    EMT - aka (Exclusive Modding Team) These ones are one step above the JMT and have advanced knowledge of modding. They are essentially JMTs who have gained one step closer to the Modding Team.

    JMT - aka (Junior Modding Team) These guys create mods exclusively for our community. They know a few bypasses, as well as above-average modding.

    The ones who manage the site:

    Moderators - These guys keep things in order and keep the forum as clean as possible.

    Video Production - These guys produce high quality videos of our VIP mods to showcase.

    Language Support - These members help out users in their main foreign language.
    Archaelaus - Filipino
    Baramos2007 - Thai
    Carotkute - Vietnamese
    ChiefMaster1010 - Indonesia
    DaemonXSoul - Italian
    Ghabryell - Brazilian
    h3yf00l - English
    IceSaw - Russian
    jashs - Korean
    IWaifuu - Spanish
    KlausHaumich - German
    Mikaeltr - Turkish
    syusyumn - Japanese
    yomiki - Chinese
    wazaman972 - French

    Public Release Managers - These guys share public mods from other sources.

    Retired - Previous staff members who were and still are dear to our hearts.

    The ones we do this for:

    VIP - Members who have access to our VIP section.

    VIP Waiting - In process of becoming VIP.

    Registered - Regular members.

    User Title Ladder

    How does this work? For every post you make you gain a point, for example:

    You have 14 post, you will be placed in the Member title ladder, once you hit 50 post you will move up in the ladder to Active Member. The more post/threads you make the more points you get = moving up in the ladder to the next level. Do be warned, spam/useless post/threads will not count towards this. Anything posted in the Request Section will not count towards post as well.

    What do I get from this? You get a title, here's how it looks like:

    These are the current user title requirements. More will be added in time, there's a possibility these might change in the future.

    i r noob - 0
    Member - 10
    Active Member - 50
    Advance Member - 100
    Rooted Member - 500
    Need more mods - 1000
    Eat, sleep, android - 1500
    Known Cheater - 2000
    Potential robot - 2500
    Was a human - 3000
    How did I get here - 4000
    More to come.. Maybe?


    How does this work? For every certain amount of likes you get or messages you send(depends on trophy requirements) you gain a trophy and points. For example, lets say we want to get the "Seriously Likeable!" trophy. You must get 100 likes on your post/thread to achieve this trophy.

    What do I get from this? Personal achievement I suppose,... but these points might become useful in the future :wink:

    These are the current trophy requirements. More will be added in time, there's a possibility these might change in the future.
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