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Toram Online [Mod Hack]

Discussion in 'VIP Game List' started by h3yf00l, Aug 16, 2016.

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  1. h3yf00l

    h3yf00l License Manager
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    Apr 2, 2014
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    Root Needed?: No

    Safe Mod:
    1. Set Mob damage to 10%.
    2. Nevermiss. mobs cant evade or guard.
    3. Always Crit = x2 damage.
    4. max attack speed
    5. set "magic" skills cast time to 1 second.

    *Note* Removed godmode and in exchange reduced mob damage. You can join a party with this mod.

    High Risk Mod:
    1. Godmode. mobs always miss.
    2. Nevermiss. mobs cant evade or guard.
    3. Always crit = x2 damage.
    4. max attack speed
    5. set "magic" skills casttime to 1 second.
    6. Magic wall have infinite AOE
    7. Magic Wall changed effect to 100 second stun.
    8. Added 50 seconds to Boss break time.
    9. Lvl 1 Quick Draw has 100% chance to recover 100mp

    *Note* This mod is made for solo farming and solo boss hunting. Now you can farm materials faster with Magicwall compared to a full party. Never use this mod in a party specially the magicwall.

    1. 怪物伤害
    2. 永远命中
    3. 永远暴击=双倍伤害
    4. 最大攻击速度
    5. 魔法技能施法时间1秒。

    *Note* 取消上帝模式,换取怪物伤害10%,可组队

    1. 上帝模式,怪物永远不命中
    2. 永远命中
    3. 永远暴击=双倍伤害
    4. 最大攻击速度
    5. 魔法技能施法时间1秒。
    6. 魔法墙无限长
    7. 魔法墙拥有100秒晕眩
    8. Boss break time增加50秒
    9. 等级1的quick draw有100%几率回复100MP

    *Note* 这个版本是用来快速单人狩猎和游戏使用的. 你可以使用魔法墙快速刷本. 不可组队。

    Playstore Link: RPG Toram Online - Android Apps on Google Play

    Go on an adventure with multiple players online!
    Experience the massive vast world!
    Toram online is available in Japanese, English, and Chinese (Traditional).
    Send us your suggestions or feedbacks about our game and future updates!
    More languages are scheduled to be added in the future,
    and our team will be open for your opinions and requests!

    [About the Game]

    - Enjoy the Game with Your Friends!
    You can play this game communicating with multiple players online.
    Cooperate with each other and defeat fierce monsters!
    Explore the massive vast 3D world with your friends!

    - Create Your Own Characters!
    You have more than 50 billion dress patterns!
    This MMORPG doesn't have a "Class System".
    You can build your character as you like with "Skill System".
    Also, you will be able to customize your weapon abilities!

    [Game Story]

    Hundreds of years ago, the ground was split by the cataclysm all of a sudden.

    The gods hastily joined the grounds, however, the world looks like awkwardly patched.

    Since the nations were destroyed, people are divided into four groups regardless of race.

    You will meet various people in this world, experience numerous adventures, and face the mysterious existences underworld...

    - Game mod is always up to date
    - To login with google you must be rooted

    Interested in this mod as well as a great selection of exclusive releases?
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