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  1. Outdated Realm Defense: Hero Legend v1.12.0 [MOD]

    Nice. I just gonna make request for this, but seems too late, hahahaa.
  2. League Of Stickman Upcoming Modded Save File

    I can edit EXP & Items (I mean Any Items in Inventory). For Gold and Diamond, I just use modded apk. But, if you use modded apk, you can't go to arena/event/challenge, because when logging in using GPlayGames, it just tells you "G+ Login Fail". So, I have a trick to overcome that.
  3. Khusus Daerah Surabaya

    Uhmm, Gubeng Kertajaya hadirr. Tuuut Tuuuut.
  4. Outdated Candy Crush Jelly Saga - 2.10.13 MOD - Moves

    @DaemonXSoul, there is no Unlimited Lives in 1.17.5 (still decrease) and Episodes (I have to wait hours or buy 9 GoldBars), I've check it and also check the original modder. Its just Moves, Boosters, and Levels Mod.

    Uhmm ..... maybe editing savefile can grant Unlimited Gems, Shop Item, Heroes Unlocked. Kingdom Rush, KR Frontiers, KR Origins, same method.
  6. Outdated Heroes & Titans: Battle Arena - V1.4.3 (Mod)

    The Title Thread is "Heroes & Titans: Battle Arena", PS Link above is "Heroes & Titans 3D" , is that the same anyway ?
  7. [ROOT][SAVEGAME] Kingdom Rush Origins 1.5.0

    You don't need Titanium Backup, download the file (see picture), put to /data/data/ But remember : 1. You have to be RooT 2. Play the game abit to make savefile path show.
  8. error connection in playstore

    Since Freedom use direct port from PlayStore to Freedom, Best way is disable Freedom Service by Launch Freedom > Go to top right corner ( The Three Dots) > Stop.
  9. [ROOT]Editing Kingdom Rush Origins SaveGame

    Hi, I make this guide for those who wondering how to edit Kingdom Rush Origins SaveGame (and their series, maybe). The benefits is : 1. No need for Modded APK which make you can't connect to Google Play Games. 2. You can update the game (If you buy the game, coz its Paid Game). 3. Saved your...
  10. Play NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) on Android

    Hi, Well, this console maybe a little old-fashioned, but for any people who want to relive their childhoods games (as I am), I'd like to make this Thread for them. Okay, lets start. 1. First, get this App (Nostalgia .NES Emulator - Free version or Link is Broken. Description about this App can...
  11. [Release](Newbee-Friendly)Modding Guide Assembly-CSharp.dll

    APK Manager need Java Installed ? If so, which version is it ?
  12. Easiest Way to root Your android (No PC)

    If you use KitKat, try KingRoot. Search in Google for it.
  13. How to get unlimited gems/life in angry birds 2 - no root. Login works with Google and Facebook

    Hmm, can I basically root my Android Phone and go to /data/data/com.rovio.baba/ and edit that file ? I think that step is for someone who don't want to root their phone so they use an Android Emulator for PC and do like what you said. (Maybe, No HeartFeeling)
  14. Outdated Bad Piggies HD - 2.3.5 MOD - Money/Power-ups/Unlocked

    I don't know if this just me. Using HP 7 VoiceTab - KitKat 4.4.2