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  1. Exclusive Aurora 7 ver 1.0.5 (DumbEnemy) (Damage) (AutoWorks)

    Wont let me install the app. weird
  2. Public Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.14.4 MOD UPDATE]

    Testing mod, will report back.
  3. Exclusive Evertale v1.0.53 [MOD] [1HIT/Godmode Added]

    Just tried it again on wifi and mobile, no luck. Am I doing something wrong ? I'm in offline story right now btw. See my screenshots please.
  4. Exclusive Evertale v1.0.53 [MOD] [1HIT/Godmode Added]

    One million silver not working correctly. When entering store it shows 1mil for a brief moment but then goes back to your actual current amount
  5. Request Era of Legends

    Bump, this would be great and would make me a VIP again.
  6. Outdated Dawn Break II -Light and Dark- v1.0.64724 [MOD]

    Same issue as before. Stuck at AUER logo
  7. Outdated DarkWarrior v4.8 [MOD]

    Mod does not work in boss battle. Works everywhere else. No pvp in the game. Thnx
  8. Exclusive Pocketown - Adventure (Unreleased) v1.6.0 [ Weak Enemy ]

    Could you elaborate on how to do this ?
  9. problemas con juego darkness rises

    modificaste el file de texto ? Lo aumentaste y lo guardaste?
  10. Outdated Monkey King - Havoc in Heaven v.2.1.11 [weak enemies, dmg]

    Stop spamming, the update has already been requested.
  11. Como se compra el VIP con Amazon?

    Vea ahora hay un método si todavía está interesado
  12. No me abren los mods en el emulador Bluestacks

    Descarga a Nox, lo uso yo
  13. Licencia V3 (Solo para vips)

    Tienes que comprar una Important - Before purchasing VIP
  14. Como se compra el VIP con Amazon?

    Si no me equivoco, el método de pago con tarjeta de regalo de Amazon solo está disponible para Europa , @h3yf00l puedes confirmar?