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  1. Public Fate/Grand Order (Japan) v2.13.2 [MOD][ModMenu]

    Good updates. I laughed at this:
  2. Public Valkyrie Crusade 【Anime-Style TCG x Builder Game】 v6.3.2 MOD [Update]

    No infinite awaken burst? Well the mod is good regardless.
  3. Public Valkyrie Crusade 【Anime-Style TCG x Builder Game】 v7.0.0 MOD [UPDATE]

    You cannot use this mod on demon realm voyage since the event have limited skill use rule and you just casually broke the "limited skill use" by using this mod.
  4. Outdated Fate/Grand Order (English) v1.35.1 [MOD]

    If he is rooted yeah sure. If he isn't rooted i can only say big OoF to his account
  5. Outdated Fate/Grand Order (English) v1.35.1 [MOD]

    This game did not using third party login such as FB or google play service. It uses transfer code method which is only accessible via in game. As he mentioned above the only way he can take or save his ID back is through bypassed apk so he can generate new transfer code.
  6. Outdated Kingdom Adventurers v2.0.9 MOD [UPDATE]

    Kinda not properly bypassed is it? Can't access diamond shop, can't scout higher than C rank although there is S rank boost ongoing. Most likely because the security detecting cheats on our save data
  7. Giveaway Free VIP for Brasil Independence Day

    I remember having brazilian friend who i kept calling him as ronaldo. Althought he told me his name is Juan lol. Happy independence day my frienda from Brazil
  8. Giveaway Free VIP for Vietnam Independence Day

    Happy independence day for my vietnamese friends out there
  9. Giveaway Free VIP for Malaysia Independence Day

    Happy independence day for malaysia.
  10. Outdated Valkyrie Crusade v6.0.1 [Mod]

    I did lord aw with V3 on max lvl. It tires me but i finish it (by myself without friends or alliance cuz i dont have one). The rewards tho kinda meh for a raid class enemy (some lvl 5 spirit weapon mats). I'll just use the mod on the tower because it's more rewarding and i know the SAFE limit on...
  11. [Global] Azur Lane Mid tier (Lexington)

    Selling mid tier account with lots of capable waifus. Married to: Retrofit & awaken laffey 101/105 Illustrious 100 First fleet all lvl 100 except hood (lvl 99) Armed decently. More info see screenshot below: Dock view: Main fleet: Dorm: Selling $20 via paypal or FGOCA voucher in same...

    FGO CA coupon reeeeeee~ I need it for bradamante leveling progress so i can enjoy that glorious butt np animation.
  13. Outdated Magia: Charma Saga v1.0.1 [MOD]

    Uninstall / disable facebook app & messenger. For google play login you need a rooted device with lucky patcher installed.
  14. Outdated RPG Toram Online v3.2.59 [MOD] [UPDATE]

    Once u getting the vip it'll be avaliable. Needless to say that the mod already here since long time ago and still active and kicking in the vip
  15. Outdated RPG Toram Online v3.2.59 [MOD] [UPDATE]

    Yes there is. And they did their job splendid if i have to say
  16. Approved Fate/Grand Order Services

    Excuse me foe bothering. I tried to buying both $3 and $1,5 package. It seems that there is something wrong with the $3 package. It always pending not like the $1,5 package. Thank you.
  17. Approved Fate/Grand Order Services

    The 3$ packages are out of order reeeeeeeeeee. When it will be ready? I hope u guys will restock it soon cuz valentine banner is my only hope to get my hands on lanturia. Edit: the $3 package is avaliable but it seems my payment still on pending. I wonder why
  18. Approved Fate/Grand Order Services

    Well i used up all the 15 id and only 1 got merlin lol. If this project will continue until knight of round table banner, i might consider buying the 45 id set. Cuz lantoria is love.