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  1. Outdated Jake's Modded Games!

    Jake, i think it will be better if you create indexed game list in the first post, if you keep posted new moded game. Each link to to the post where the game link is posted. Great job for creating the mod
  2. Outdated Crusaders Quest - 2.9.9.KG MOD - GOD Mode (Immortal) + 1 Hit KO

    Uninstall your Facebook Application first, use the pop-up webbase facebook login, to give access to your facebook linked account. Most of the moded game, cann't access the facebook linked account if the facebook application is installed. after you can log in to your facebook account, reinstall...
  3. Modding Unity & Its Dll's: Starter Pack + Tutorial

    hi all, nice to know you i'm just figuring the shop assembly on the apk of crusader quest 158 version. when i try to mod the new apk, the Assembly-CSharp.dll cann't be opened using reflector 8.5 is there any work arround to decrypt the dll? thank you edit : nevermind, already found the...