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    As i have seen u are currently looking at unity game so u need is "Assembly-CSharp.dll" for what? Simply bcoz it is the right thing. And I will add this info bro. U don't need "" if u have seen that means u are checking a native game. Well if this is your first time to make...
  2. What decides if the game should be in VIP?

    if the game has a hard protection or protection that almost impossible to bypass like XignCode, luagames, libdexhelper etc. it should be put in VIP Game List. Hope I answered your question. GL~
  3. Mortal Blade 3D v1.1 MOD

    your so fast bro, I'm just looking at this game when I see your post lol nice!
  4. Outdated Brave Warriors: Zombie Revenge v.1.0.3 (MOD)

    It's correct link bro i juct click to check just now look at screenshot below~
  5. Outdated Brave Warriors: Zombie Revenge v.1.0.3 (MOD)

    If I remember it correctly! it's Online
  6. Outdated Brave Warriors: Zombie Revenge v.1.0.3 (MOD)

    Image Link Dead Name: Brave Warriors: Zombie Revenge Version: 1.0.3 Root Needed? No What's in the MOD? Infinite Gold Infinite Ruby Fast Level (I'm not sure if working) How to Install? Do the Obb trick! Click Me! Image Link Dead Credit's to: ayesu012000 <JMT> Download Links: Link is Broken...
  7. Modded apps section

    bawal daw yun kaya inalis
  8. WitchSpring2 v1.35 [licens bypass - damage - gold - hp - mp]

    ~Oh Boy :eek: 220mb!!? 1 whole sheeeeeeeet! I don't have enough space I pass for now but I will back with a vengence joke I mean with new sdcard :sweatsmile:lol thanks alex your the man!
  9. Help...Can't install App coz device not support

    Lol you are already aware at the beginning.. so why you still push it? Even rooted phone can't be use to be excuse to solve your problem. coz its not phone error.. its a human error:grin: When you read the app not supported your device? that means 'NO' coz you don't met the requirements needed...
  10. Guns Girl Schooldayz v3.2.22

    Oh sige ito mga kailangan mong gawin: -Impormasyon para maging VIP click mo itong link click mo yung spoiler sa baba ng bandera natin, tapos basahin mo. -Sa pagbabayad naman click mo itong link basahin mo ng maigi para maging VIP kana. -Kung sakaling may katanungan ka pa kontakin mo nalang...
  11. Beta testers needed - Aedo Episodes

    no he never said that, try to think what his real intention to put the beta game here. if u think right? then u are a good modder.
  12. Guns Girl Schooldayz v3.2.22

    naku iho hindi puwede yan, pag vip ka. bawat account my lisensya, bawat lisensya magkakaiba at mayroon lamang akong dalawa. kung gagawin ko yan malalaman at malalaman nila kaya puwede nila akong sipain anumang oras pag ginawa ko iyon. gusto mo ba iyon? wag naman ang bait ko na nga eh :grin:
  13. Guns Girl Schooldayz v3.2.22

    $20 dre convert mo nlng sa peso mahina ako sa math eh :grin:
  14. Beta testers needed - Aedo Episodes

    Go back here if ur game is fully furnished. For now just wew:ghost:
  15. Guns Girl Schooldayz v3.2.22

    Pm mo si h3yf00l kung papayag? :grinning:
  16. Guns Girl Schooldayz v3.2.22

    @Bojo Banaag Hinde po, we got promoted lang po but we're not the owner/s of this site.:wink:
  17. Outdated Robo Avenger v1.4.4 [Hacks]

    Image Link Dead Name: Robo Avenger Version: 1.4.4 Root Needed? No Game Description: Become a robot Hero to fight against armies of bad robots and defeat Big Bad Bosses. HOW TO PLAY - Left button to jump - Right button to attack - Both left and right button to shield FEATURES - Destroy enemy...
  18. Outdated Fortress Legends v 6.3.18166 [mod]+4

    @Icarus sorry bro but I'm not authorized to that, but you can still learn if you are really determine there's a Tutorial Section here in ar. u can participate to them goodluck~
  19. Outdated Fortress Legends v 6.3.18166 [mod]+4

    Chill bro when i got to pc I'll check what i can do :relieved:
  20. Outdated Fortress Legends v 6.3.18166 [mod]+4

    hmmm.. actually that's true but you only need 1hit to kill any boss even if they has high evasion it's useless .. but anyways i tried to work with that matter thanks for ur feedback.