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  1. [Release]Hollowbot; A Bleach Brave Souls bot

    If you have only level 1 chars somewhere in chapter 100+ then no, it will not complete successfully because your team is simply too weak But as long as your team is the level you need to, hell yea!
  2. [Release]Hollowbot; A Bleach Brave Souls bot

    I was very specific by what version of MEmu you have to download, and the window name will be automatically the same as in the AU3 script. Try running MEmu and the script in admin mode
  3. Help on recommended Emulator ETC

    Honestly I prefer MEmu, its the fastest one out there in my experience!
  4. [Release]Hollowbot; A Bleach Brave Souls bot

    This is my first version of Hollowbot. It's written in AutoIt and uses mainly Pixelsearch to find various things to keep it automatically questing/grinding the story mode. I will be uploading a .exe compiled from the code. If you for some reason don't trust opening a .exe file uploaded by a...
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