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  1. Giveaway August VIP Giveaways [5 Winners]

    Number of submission : 1
  2. [Help] How to bypass G-Presto

  3. Outdated once hero V 1.4.0

    done. sorry forgot to add in
  4. Outdated once hero V 1.4.0

    use mod 2 to clear tutorial
  5. Outdated once hero V 1.4.0

    Link is Broken Name: Once heroes Version: 1.4.0 Need OBB: No Need Root: No *What the MOD do* Recommend to upgrade your gear and use mod 2 first if you just started playing then change to mod 1 later on in the game when you have more equipment with speed Mod 1 1.High attack (enemies have the...
  6. Need some help

    How to use reflector to mod linked stats?
  7. Need some help

    Hi, i am modding a unity 3d game with .Net reflector, but when i modify my player attack,hp,def, the enemies have the same modified stats as me.I want to modify it such that only my character gain the modified stats and not the enemies. Thanks in advance.
  8. Clash Grim v1.5.0 MOD

    not working on arena?
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