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  1. Vip exos aman?

    Selalu ada potensi di band gan mau gmana gmana juga
  2. Approved WISHLIST GAME VIP?!

    Life after?
  3. Eternal Rhapsody v1.2.6 ( Cheat Menu )

    Is it still playable or force you to update?
  4. Outdated THE ALCHEMIST CODE v2. [MOD] [Updated]

    Anyone knows why I'm stuck in initial touch screen menu? I'm returning player after 8 months hiatus
  5. Outdated Civilization Era v1.0.4 ( No Mana , Unlimited Troops , No Spawn CD )

    Seems like we're out of hope for this one
  6. Resolved Shadow Fight 3

    I'd like to have this mod, i think gold is ok no.need damage mod for now imho
  7. Exclusive Kings Raid ver-4.8.9 (N0-Enemy)(WeakEnemy)(Bypass)(Skills)

    yeah I know she made it for that purpose but unfortunately I couldn't turn off damage on tuturial phase... I need to find UW from free draw until then I'll keep creating new account Hopefully you got my point since my engliah aren't good enough
  8. Exclusive Kings Raid ver-4.8.9 (N0-Enemy)(WeakEnemy)(Bypass)(Skills)

    is it possible to have unmod APK, so I don't need to go to download on google playstore whenever I want to switch?
  9. Outdated Valiant Force v1.25.0 ( Mod )

    I wont say it was 100% safe since we don't know how they trace and mark cheaters, but I always complete gold dungeon with 1 - 3 turn left... As for Halloween event I don't recommend to use mod, but if you still insist to use it try with a berserker he can suicide whenever satisfied :)) Stop at...
  10. Outdated Valiant Force v1.25.0 ( Mod )

    I'm not quite sure about methods I use but you can try if you want to, 1. I Never pas 24-3 (Legendary) 2. Sometimes I purcase their limited offers I do arena but not 100% win rate.. keep it on 76% win rate ratio also don't make too much gap betwen your score I do Daily event too with auto on...
  11. Outdated Valiant Force v1.25.0 ( Mod )

    Very kind of you, thank you very much for your effort, greatly appreciate it :)
  12. Outdated Valiant Force v1.25.0 ( Mod )

    Actually current mod (High damage) are ok to me... as long as we play safe :) I'd vote for high damage one, Also if you don't mind would you please release high dmg mod first?
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