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  1. Outdated 魔法科高校の劣等生 LOST ZERO v4.1.1 [god mode, dmg]

    @BTG ive been getting this error a lot lately where the title of the game appears as a white or grey block within only the modded apk and most of them that have had this error was yours. I'm curious but was it intentional? Cause i can't touch some buttons in most games with it there. Thanks for...
  2. Bug?with modded apks

    Recently, a lot of modded games have this block with the title on top in the APK. Some examples I've encountered are lost zero ans monster cry eternal just to name a few. The block actually cuts of the full screen so we can't select some buttons. Im using an S8 phone if that helps, and when i...
  3. Phantom of the Kill v.2.5.4 [dmg, 1 hit kill]

    Im just gonna say pkease update to 2.3.4. Thanks again @BTG
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