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  1. Outdated 破晓战歌 Destiny Knights v1.4.0 [Godmode - damage)

    Just want to let you know the apk what you moded is not the official version, Qoo using the 9u version. and this game(cn version) has not official site, so only can download the official version from taptap. if the moder want to update it to official version, then you can try download it from...
  2. MEOW-王領騎士 TW v3.0.2 [1 hit]

    has force update now, can you update the mod too?
  3. Exclusive 怪物彈珠 - RPG手機遊戲 v19.1.2 - [MODMENU] [damage - strike shot - always player turn]

    mod does not work, none of the functions work. the cn version has the same problem.can you fix it?
  4. Exclusive 怪物弹珠 MonsterStrike CN v15.2.1 [damage - strike shot - always player turn]

  5. Exclusive モンスターストライク v19.1.2 [MODMENU] [damage - strike shot - always player turn]

    Hi, If you have fixed the new issue, then do you mind update the cn version 怪物弹珠 MonsterStrike CN v13.4.2|Damage - Strike Shot - Always Player Turn| too? thanks
  6. Exclusive ラストイデア v1.8.0 [Weak Enemy damage]

    bypass apk is same as the mod apk, hope you can fix this.
  7. Exclusive ラストイデア v1.8.0 [Weak Enemy damage]

    @AndyLee ,any plan to add more damage or weak enemys hp?
  8. Exclusive ラストイデア v1.8.0 [Weak Enemy damage]

    can you add more damge for the player too?
  9. Outdated 誰ガ為のアルケミスト(タガタメ) - For whom the alchemist exists v4.4.0 [Mod]

    Hope your team can mod the cn version too, download link Best regards
  10. LINE 爆彈少女 v1.0.5 Kamikaze MOD

    It like that everything works fine, thanks again for the hard work.
  11. LINE 爆彈少女 v1.0.5 Kamikaze MOD

    sure, many thanks for the new mode for tw version, I will do some tests and let you know the details.
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