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  1. Root Alice, Final Weapon : Idle RPG v1.3.8 [3+ FEATURES]

    I mean the mods function everything fine. When I use Google Translate to communicate, sometimes the translated expression is different.
  2. Root Alice, Final Weapon : Idle RPG v1.3.8 [3+ FEATURES]

    Haha ~ all functions are normal.
  3. Request The Wizard Diary : Idle RPG

    Name: The Wizard Diary : Idle RPG Playstore Link: The Wizard Diary : Idle RPG - Apps on Google Play Download Link: Mod: - Attack Speed - Mana - Damage Reduce - Accuracy - Crit DMG
  4. Request Moonlight Sculptor Dark Gamer

    This related parameter detects the Emulator environment and causes it to crash.
  5. Resolved Alice, Final Weapon : Idle RPG

    2023/8/29 Game released globally, we need Zygisk mod for any cheats
  6. Public 大聖歸來M v1.2.5.3 [MOD]

  7. Request Heartwood Online

    Name: Heartwood Online Playstore Link: Heartwood Online - Apps on Google Play Download Link: Mod: Movement speed x5, always crit, x5 damage
  8. Request Newbie Life : Idle RPG

    I was playing with this a while ago and it seemed a bit boring to myself Now wait for this new game to arrive
  9. Resolved Magical Girls Idle

    Please Create Zygisk MOD Menu
  10. Request Legend Of Ghost Slayer Idle

    Name: Legend Of Ghost Slayer Idle Appstore Link: ‎Legend Of Ghost Slayer Idle Download Link: ‎Legend Of Ghost Slayer Idle Mod: - Damage Multiplier - Loot Multiplier
  11. Request Slayer legend

    GameGuardian does work, but we need the Mods menu.
  12. Request Idle Goblin Slayer

    I switched the region to South Korea, but apkpure still cannot be downloaded. It would be great if you can share the game .apk file to Google Drive or other network drives
  13. Root Legend Of Ghost Slayer Idle v2.16 [3+ FEATURES]

    First of all, thank you sir, I have carefully read all the notes. Mods work very stable... The Magisk module you made is really amazing, it works like magic. It is really surprising that such a module easily bypasses the most secure LIAPP protection recognized in the world! If you continue to...
  14. Request Idle Goblin Slayer

    In which country is the game released? (I can't download it from play store it shows pre-registration status)
  15. Request Stellar Knight Idle

    I changed the region to Vietnam (it's downloadable now). Thanks for the info, I'll try testing with gg later... There is LIAPP protection, but it can be bypassed. Confirmed that gg can be modified
  16. Request Stellar Knight Idle

    If you can upload the game file .apk to Google Drive to share, I can try to see if the game can be modified using gg. This game is currently not officially released in my country, and I can't download it from other sites
  17. Exclusive Guardian Goddess: Idle RPG v1.4.11 [DMG/LOOT]

    Can you update this mods? I found out after googling that it has an update
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