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  1. Outdated Nevaeh v27 [Mod High Stats]

    Nice. Thank
  2. iL2cpp Modding Video Tut

    Wow, Cool men, i see all video Tutorials other, but them don`t teach details clearly like you, i'll wait other and new mod from you .thank you bro. can i call you : Senpai
  3. Outdated Zgirls 2-Last One[ZombieAttackFixed] v1.0.53

    Great mod. Thank for make it bro. But i think you creat mod only zombie animal freeze is best. hunger , thirsty and blueprint not work. We can't change value. It get from server. I wait new mod from you Thanks you again
  4. Help me mod IL2CPP game

    Nice. Thanks
  5. Help me mod IL2CPP game

    i am newbie, any one teach me how to edit code from i have : i want edit: private static int set_hp(IntPtr L); // 0xF911CC but i don`t know change values in Il2Cpp ? any help me, thanks
  6. Outdated Free Fire - Battlegrounds v1.16.0 [NO GRASS - NO FOG - NO ROOT]

    You can do fixed modifications to the move key. Thanks
  7. Approved Net. Reflector tutorial by EMT

    i want show messange on Reflexil in android game, or make debug, i use to get some value, thanks
  8. Approved Net. Reflector tutorial by EMT

    hi, how to show message on Reflexil, thanks
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