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  1. Approved Indian Support

    Ha latest updated hi hai, maine dekha ke tum VIP ho ab already
  2. Approved Indian Support

    Request ka toh main personally kuch nai kar sakta, Modder log naye request dekhte rahte hai unko lagega Mod karne jaise toh woh log kar denge
  3. Approved Indian Support

    Abhi ke liye woh option bandh hai
  4. Giveaway Team AR 10 Year Anniversary

    @h3yf00l , It has been a great journey with you guys since the beginning , I hope to continue supporting till eternity!
  5. Approved Indian Support

    Bhai itne bade font main mat type karo aankh main lagta hai. Mcoc game matlab marvel contest of champions? Woh gane VIP main available hai public Mod think se nai chalenge.
  6. Approved Indian Support

    925 INR for 1 device and 1540 INR for 2 device.
  7. Approved Indian Support

    1 device is 12$ and 2 device is 20$, you can buy either depending on how many device you want. Also if you are from INDIA, you can alternatively pay via googlepay, paytm or phonepe aswell.
  8. Approved Indian Support

    Which Mod are you using? Aimbot Mod has different link.
  9. Approved Indian Support

    Tum VIP ho already.
  10. Approved Indian Support

    Paypal se pay kiya? Usually 2-3 ghante main ho jata hai lekin kabhi 24 hours bhi lag sakte hai. Tumhne paypal se pay kiya hai toh usually tumhara naam VIP waiting list main instant aa jata hai.
  11. Resolved Garena Contra: Return
  12. Outdated Sniper Royale v2.3 [Update]

    @bedoelnorg , Outdated Mod
  13. Outdated Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala v1.3 [MOD]

    @bedoelnorg , Outdated Mod
  14. Outdated PullUpOrDie - Street Workout Game v1.96 [MOD]

    @bedoelnorg , Outdated Mod
  15. Outdated Happy Bike Wheels v2.4 [MOD]

    @bedoelnorg , Outdated Mod
  16. Outdated Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles v1.6.7 [Update]

    @bedoelnorg , Outdated Mod
  17. Outdated Tower defense- Defense Legend v2.0.8 [MOD]

    @bedoelnorg , Outdated Mod
  18. Outdated Space Raiders RPG v1.2.2 MOD [2 VER]

    @bedoelnorg , Outdated Mod
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