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  1. Outdated Summoners War v3.8.5 [dmg, dumb enemy]

    Thx. Is there any way to fix the problem with the invisibility ? There were so many places for good farming and earn some crystals on ToA. Now i just use it to lvl up monsters. Yes its much faster and easier but id love to have the bot like 1 or 2 month ago again. Edit: And what about the VIP...
  2. Outdated Summoners War v3.8.5 [dmg, dumb enemy]

    Thx for Update. I was testing the mod apk in few scenarios. As u know some Monsters have AoE Skills so they can kill your entire team with 1 skill. Here is my Tip: If you have Groggo (light Golem awakened) you can do Necropolis B9. His passive skill wont let you die so fast even if you have 65k...
  3. Outdated Summoners War v3.8.5 [dmg, dumb enemy]

    Thats right. Dumb apk only works some Scenario Maps i think. U can't use it on Dungeons, ToA ect. (where oponents use AoE). I did same expirience. Edit: Couldn't install apk on BS3. I changed now to NOX and it works fine there.
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