android emulator

  1. Genshin Impact VIP, does it work in android emulator?

    If yes which one? Because i had tried genshin impact from playstore and apkpure on at least 3 of 64 bit android emulators like memu, ldplayer, and bluestacks but none of them are working. So i'm curious if modded version of genshin impact will work on emulator?
  2. Problem with IDA

    I can't start android_server from emul avd? who know where problem?
  3. D

    Not sure if this is the right section. Is Android emulator a mod?

    I play Android games on my PC since I work with computer all day and constantly operating my Android phone is not that proper. The latest Android emulator I'm using is Nox App Player which is totally free and pre-rooted. But I always turn the root mode off since many games will detect that mine...
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