1. Here are some fun apps for memory, etc.

    Hello here are some apps you could use for games . Xmodgames Cheatengine Gamechih Lucky patcher Freedom app Creehack Sb game hacker Leoplay card Hack App Data Hex Editor DaxAttack. Game guardian Let me know if you have problems finding them.and if you want to know the purpose for each of them...
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    Need help. How can I lean c program in android phone

    Hello, I need some c programming compiler apps. Is this possible my android phone? Please give me some compiler apps!
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    [TUTORIAL]How to add a popup toast message in game startup

    BEFORE WE START THE TUTORIAL PLEASE READ [Requirements] 0. A working brain 1. A Computer 2. The apk file, obviously 3. dex/Apk decompiler with xml decoding support eg.(Apktool) 4. Text editor (Notepad++, Sublime Text, Atom, notepad) [Info] What exactly are we trying to do? *see image* Pretty...
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