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  1. M

    Minecraft (Mod HD textures) ver:

    Name: Minecraft: Pocket Edition Version: Root: No Mod: Added Full HD textures All Unlocked Install Steps: 1.) install apk Credits To: Playstore: Google Playstore Download: Here
  2. FlamingoBaby

    Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter v4.0

    Name: Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Version: 4.0 Root: Yes Mods: When Shield cauge becomes 0% , it will stay Infinitely Gold Prize from Daily-Wheel is now 9.999.999 for any COIN IMG Buying Daily-Wheel cost is 1 instead of 2500 (visualy shows 2500) Team TotalPower at Ship selectionscreen is HUGE...
  3. O

    [Game][Free]Zombie Smashdown: Dead Warrior

    It is the same old story about People vs. Zombies, but still a funny one! Zombie Smashdown: Dead Warrior is one of those free zombie games that give you all the chances to become the best zombie smasher and overkill all the crazy walkers! No frontiers between people and zombies anymore. You're...
  4. O

    [Game][New] - Need your feedback guys!

    Hey guys, We have launched our VERY FIRST game The Flying Sun - Adventure Game. It's an easy game for kids and adults. All you need to do is just to set the speed, click on the sun and try to collect as many coins as possible. You also get various achievements and power-ups to bring this...