1. A

    Outdated Azur Lane v1.2.84 EN [MOD] 10/31/18 Hotfix

    Name: Azur Lane Version: 1.2.84 Root: No Working as of October 31, 2018 After Hotfix Mod: godmode/weakenemy/damage/cooldown Install Steps: Make sure you have installed a clean updated version of Azur Lane from playstore. Have it download all the files needed to run the game before swapping...
  2. BTG

    Exclusive 蒼空のリベラシオン Liberation of Azure 2.1.6 [mod mod]

    Name: 蒼空のリベラシオン Alias: Liberation of Azure Alias: Sokulibe Version: 2.1.6 Root: Yes/No Mod: 1.) dumb enemies (boring) 2.) no debuff to your monsters 3.) unlimited HP (Sound max) 4.) unlimited clock (BGM max) 5.) unlimited skill (Voice max) 6.) always crit Install Steps: 1.) install modded...