battle girl high school

  1. Battle Girl High School v1.2.46 (JP) Inspect

    I started to made my mod menu for this game,actually i figured out how to mod Attack and defence and Hp and Sp.See the image: MOD off: MOD on: See the girl value change. Also found how to use autoplay ever(implementing now). I need an help to get correct fever value and how enable girl...
  2. Outdated バトルガール ハイスクール (Battle Girl High School) v1.2.19 (JP) ( Mega Mod )

    Name of game: Battle Girl High School Version: 1.2.19 Root: No Mods: Custom Menu includes : 1 - God Mod 2 - Damage 3 - SP 4 - Movement Speed x 2 5 - Fever 6 - Combo 7 - Auto Play Always Enabled ( Pre-Modded ) 8 - Max Bullets Install Steps: - Install the mod - Enjoy Credits: Icry4u - EMT...
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