bleach brave souls

  1. Lucifer M

    Bleach Brave Souls [Purchase Brand New ACC with Second anniversary Ichigo]

    Hey all I'm New. I'm willing to buy a brand new account with second anniversary ichigo . If you manage to roll him and would like to sell him to me id be all for it Price: $30 - 40.00 (negotiable) payment through paypal still looking to do the story and all the bonuses to get along the way...
  2. Zytox

    [Release]Hollowbot; A Bleach Brave Souls bot

    This is my first version of Hollowbot. It's written in AutoIt and uses mainly Pixelsearch to find various things to keep it automatically questing/grinding the story mode. I will be uploading a .exe compiled from the code. If you for some reason don't trust opening a .exe file uploaded by a...