1. How to use bypass?

    Hi guys, im newbie, well... 1. how i can use bypass for unstuck in game? The game is another eden. I cannot advance after collecting a key item numerous times with a MOD (x25 hehe). (I've seen a guy solve the problem. So I know it's possible - I can't afford it, he charges a fortune) 2. I...
  2. [Help]How to bypass G-Presto protection? GODDESS KISS : O.V.E Softwares I use : Il2CppDumperGUl, ApkEasytool, HxD, Hex Workshop Hex Editor , GODDESS KISS : O.V.E(Game), I trying to bypass this anti-cheat engine for a long time, but I still can't fix it. I used like...
  3. How to bypass difficult signature verification.

    For example, let's say you signed your APK over some way. And wasn't there a forced termination when the app was launched? I'll teach you a possible solution. Software called ApkSignatureKiller is convenient. It's very easy to use. step1 First, prepare the UnSigned APK that you modified...
  4. Bypass apk and Mod apk

    Recently, I found an interesting modded online game but in the thread there are 2 apk : The Modded apk and The Bypass apk. When i read the detail, i'm happy that the Bypass help me avoid ban when using mod but the problem is : Can i fuse the Mod with the Bypass by installing the Bypass first...
  5. Is There a Way to Bypass the "Please Update To Latest Version" Screen In Most Games?

    Is there a way to bypass the screen in most games that say "Please update [Enter Any Game Name Here] to the latest version x.x.x"? I am just wondering if it is at all possible using any tool out there or if it is possible in most games by doing some code/game/tool moding/tinkering/editing myself?
  6. Appguard Bypass

    Anyone want to pm me a way through Appguard? Or at least a hint? THanks!
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