1. [Done]Vmos pro detection help

    Hi, I would like to ask about the vmos pro emulator. There is a game that detects the fact of emulation. Is there any way to hide it from the application. I noticed a LiappAgent smali in the files that checks for many items. Does anyone know how this can be done. Xprivacylua ? Or is there any...
  2. Is There a Way to Bypass the "Please Update To Latest Version" Screen In Most Games?

    Is there a way to bypass the screen in most games that say "Please update [Enter Any Game Name Here] to the latest version x.x.x"? I am just wondering if it is at all possible using any tool out there or if it is possible in most games by doing some code/game/tool moding/tinkering/editing myself?
  3. A

    How to by pass anti-cheat in Line : Gundam wars

    I try to do step by step from this tutorial Bypassing hacking tool detection but not thing found !!! I doubt if this method can even be used on this game? What should I do next?
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