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    Looking for a iOS chat app for my website!

    Hey mate, I am newbie here. I am looking for a iOS chat app for my recently build website. Does anyone here using this kind of iOS chat app for your website? If yes, which chat app are you using right now. I am looking for cheap and reliable chat service. So that I can satisfy my customers all...
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    Do you use any website analysis tool?

    Hello mate, Hope you are doing great so far? Though this isn't appropriate place to open my issue but I hope I might get help. I am working with a new website analysis tool. This is the tool which can be used for traffic dynamic, website hosting location, website IP address lookup and so on...
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    Creating an iOS + Android app for my community!

    I am thinking about having an iOS iPhone, iPad, and Android app for my community. I have had some requests from users because they think it will be easier to talk to the other members, ask questions and view various content I create. Does anyone have their own iOS and Android app for their...