1. A

    how to convert a piece of java code to smali code?

    hello everyone i want to modding an android app but it obfuscated i have this code: /* renamed from: ˏ */ public void m332() { Context context = this.f242; int ˏ = hk.m2612(context, 1); int ˏ2 = hc.m2545(context, 1); if (ˏ != 1 ||...
  2. Androhacks_

    Need help with apk multi tool

    Well, I read @stelau4 's .net reflector tutorial and decided to try modding some games. But the problem is when I try to compile the APK (using option 18/ or option 12) I get a weird error and I can't figure out what the problem is. I tried redownloading apkmutitool, but this problem is still...