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    hello there! I am Amy

    Hey everyone :) I'm Amy (Yes the famous Avabel hacker e.e) I'm not here to post hacks but to chat and have fun and give advice. If anyone wishes to learn from me or has questions on modding pls add my Skype: amy.silver15 I'm only here to chat, don't pm me about modding here pls :) thanks...
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    [FREE][Puzzle][Logic] ColorBlocks, need your feedback

    Hello, I've published my first app on Google Play, it is a logic puzzle, named ColorBlocks In this game you should find the correct solution in the minimum tries. Just drag and drop the colors onto the rectangles and see if you matched the correct...
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    The latest Android level-based plat-former is now available globally!

    Graffiti Cans Dash is a creative plat-former on the popular “GD” franchise. Take control your graffiti cans and run as far in the walls that are built in blocks as you can! Just be sure to dodge the obstacles – they’re there to stop you from getting to the finish line which become more distant...
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