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  1. Droid_Games

    8 Ball Pool [3.12.4] MegaMod

    8 Ball Pool [3.12.4] MegaMod Mega Mod v2 Included Endless Guideline lvl 255 temporary All Tables open (but you need the coins) All Queues open (but you need the coins/cash) For Download Original APK (Google Play) APK MOD (Download)
  2. C

    How to play Heroes of Incredible Tales on Rooted phone.

    Can anyone know how to play the heroes of incredible tales on rooted phone? It keeps giving me an error abnormal game play detected :(
  3. NonostanteGames

    Beta testers needed - Aedo Episodes

    A logic puzzle game about a hero's destiny you can't control Facebook page Twitter: @AedoEpisodes Gameplay You have no control of the hero. You have to manipulate the environment, beat puzzles, solve minigames and complete sidequests to allow the hero succeed in the journey...