Outdated Dragon Project - VER. 1.1.3 [Attack, Defense, Speed, Immunity]

    Name: Dragon Project Version: 1.1.3 Root required: No Solo Mods: 1.) Tremendously increased attack and defense 2.) Slightly increased movement speed 3.) Immune to negative status — i.e., poison, burn, paralysis, silence Group Play Mods: 1.) Slightly increased attack, defense, and health...
  2. iAlex

    Exclusive Brave Frontier (Global) v2.3.1.0 [auto win - auto capture - energy - parades - evo - items - MMP + MJP & more]

    Name: Brave Frontier Global Version: Root: NO Features MOD 1 : 0 Energy Cost { Quests & Vortex } Parades Free Access Monsters Low ATK 65k Zel Reward each quest 65k Karma Reward each quest Evo at any level Brave Burst pre-loaded Warehouse space increased to 65k Items drop x99 Town...