1. Outdated Heroes Guardian ver-1.1.20

    Name: Heroes Guardian Version: 1.1.20 Root: No Mod: Menu 1. Free Summon (Active allways) This is the summon with a timer not timer is there but allways free no limit 2. Attack (equip item) 3. Def (equip item) 4. Hp (equip item) 5. Speed Increase (equip item) How to use menu: 1. Click the back...
  2. Outdated Rüyaların Efendisi v.2.0.17 [god mode, dmg]

    Name: Rüyaların Efendisi Alias: Spirit Guardian (Turkey) Version: 2.0.12 (work on latest) Root: Yes/No Mod: 1.) god mode 2.) massive dmg Install Steps: 1.) install modded apk 2.) play tutorial, restart game when stuck 3.) continue playing, enjoy Check out the English version of this game in...
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