guns girl

  1. Rejected GUNS GIRL 崩坏学园2 崩坏偶像祭 (CN Version)

    Game Name: 崩坏学园2(崩坏偶像祭) Game Version: 4.9.8 Google Play Store Link: none TapTap Store Link: 崩坏学园2(崩坏偶像祭) | TapTap发现好游戏 APK Link: Web Link: 《崩坏学园2》官方网站——感谢能在最好的时光里与你相遇 Cheat Requested: 1 hit, god mode
  2. [HELP]Replaced the .so file and the apk keep crash

    Game : Guns girl JP version I modified the file and repalce it into the apk file.But the app just keep carsh when open it . Did I missed any steps? Can anyone give me some help?
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