1. [HELP] Valkyrie Crusade v5.0.0 and its quirks

    I'll cut it short since I unadvertently closed the tab I was making the thread and it didn't save automatically. Here's the thread of the mod: Valkyrie Crusade v5.0.0 [Mod][UPDATE] A new game mode has been added to the game, and only the second version of the mod is working right now. I...
  2. Problem with IDA

    I can't start android_server from emul avd? who know where problem?
  3. Can't find Assembly-CSharp in apk to mod?

    Been through several guides in here. Can't find the Assembly-CSharp.dll file in apk (using winrar), how do you mod without it? If opening largest lib file (.so) in IDA works, what function am I looking for? any guide for this? I am trying to fix up the hp for escort mission in Link is Broken...
  4. IDA Tutorial?

    I've been looking for tutorials on modding .so files with IDA, and YES I did look at Twix's "Basic" tutorial, and it made 0 sense at all. For someone like me who's really new to IDA, the whole thread made absolutely no sense, especially without pictures. If anyone could point me in the right...
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