1.  DQMSL ドラゴンクエストモンスターズスーパーライト

    Dqmsl のTW版では、すでにMODが製作されているのに対し、JP版では未だに製作されていないのはなぜでしょうか? 単純に需要がなかったり、製作が不可能だからですか? ここのサイトでMODを公開していただいたらVIPに加入します。
  2. Anime Fall 2018 (Ongoing) Thread

    Yep, we can talk about your favorite or recommend ongoing anime here! (Only Ongoing!!) I will not make any rules here, you can post anything you want. But please use spoiler if it's an NSFW. Here's my current watch list: Watching for the story (Recommended) - Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl...
  3. V

    JPN 1.8.1 SAO MD? Region Locked After a Few Days? How do I fix this?

    So I downloaded a APK JPN version and it was working fine and a few days I became region locked. How do I fix this so I can play? I can't find exact post on the forums here, but it by some dude who creates APKs in JPN on Facebook. Please help.
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