1. OPTC Lvl 157 Account Insane Box $80

    Lots of legends and characters. Account has: -242 gems -1684 medals for exchange -143million Beli/Money -33 6+ Legend characters -Lots of level up materials and evolution materials -Gather Island also set up and ready for pickup
  2. Outdated Scion of Legend v0.3 [no cd, god mode, dmg, unlimited mana]

    Name: Scion of Legend Version: 0.3 Package: com.siamglobal.scion Need Root: No Mod: 1.) unlimited mana 2.) god mode 3.) no cd 4.) 10x dmg Thought to give you guys a bit of fun. Dev is going through maintenance atm and heard so far it's the best ever maintenance held, just a little bit of...
  3. Outdated Legend of Brave v6.0.0 [god mode, dmg]

    Name: Legend of Brave Alias: Brave Tale Version: 6.0.0 Package: com.yoyogame.mhzygp Need Root: Yes w/ LP Mod: 1.) god mode 2.) increase dmg Notes: 1.) dmg increase is proportionate to your stats. 2.) dmg and god mode mostly working everywhere (PvP only god mode working) and they are also...
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