lucky patcher

  1. Help with google connect

    Hi I'm a complete newbie when it comes to mods and I have no experience whatsoever, I'm currently having difficulty managing to do the Google play connect, I patched my device with lucky patcher and installed the mod afterward, yet whenever I attempt to google connect it does not work. Is there...
  2. Can Lucky Patcher cause issues to REAL MONEY purchases?

    I have been a mod user for a long time and now I wanna use my Gmail account to make a purchase on an APP with REAL money. Problem is I have Lucky Patcher's all 3 patch to android enabled and one of the options are says " needed for right verification of purchases" .. Now If I remove Lucky...
  3. NEED HELP!!!!!!

    I can't seem to install some apk/mod other than from playstore. I have my phone patched with lucky patcher but still can't install. Anyone know???. Ofc other than resetting my device
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