1. icry4u

    Exclusive Age of Magic v1.9.2 ( God Mod , No SkillCD )

    Name of game: Age of Magic Version: 1.9.2 Root: No Mods: 1- God Mod 2- No SkillCD Install Steps: Download obb file ( apk pure or play store ) Install the mod Enjoy Notes: By using this mod you accept any ban risk comes with it you have been warned Credits: Icry4u - EMT Playstore Link...
  2. BTG

    Exclusive Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians v.2.50 [god mode, dmg, dumb enemies]

    Name: Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians Version: 2.50 Root: Yes & No Mod: 1.) god mode 2.) massive damage 3.) dumb enemies Install Steps: 1.) install mod, put OBB to its location, play Warning: 1.) mod works everywhere, banning is your only risk Credits: BTG (EMT) Playstore: Might & Magic...
  3. BTG

    Exclusive Magic: Puzzle Quest v.3.5.0 [god mode, dmg]

    Name: Magic: Puzzle Quest Version: 3.5.0 Root: No Mod: 1.) god mode 2.) massive dmg 3.) enemy monster 0 stats 4.) bypass capable (turn Music OFF) Notes: 1.) mods only applied to your monsters 2.) when you turn music off, bypass kicks in, you're back into normal apk, no mods etc. Install...
  4. IWaifuu

    Outdated Magic Master v1.4.1

    Name: Magic Master Version: 1.4.1 Root: Yes/No Mod: 1.) Infinite crystals Install Steps: 1.) Download 2.) Install Credits To: Subseven Playstore Link: Google Playstore Download: Here