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  1. BTG

    Luna M v.0.12.308 [dmg, instant death]

    Name: Luna Mobile Version: 0.12.308 Root: No Android: 4 Kitkat only Mod: 1.) instant death 2.) dmg 10x, def 10x Notes: 1.) instant death can be activated by pressing "back" button. Tested in PvE, no clue if will work in PvP or other areas 2.) pausing a battle is NO longer working replaced for...
  2. Bungsil

    仙境迷城-日系暖心之作感動千萬人 V1.0.3 (MOD)

    Name: 仙境迷城-日系暖心之作感動千萬人 Version: 1.0.3 Root: No MOD1: 1.) Massive Damage 2.) Massive Crit MOD2: 1.) Damage *5 3.) Enemy not move Install Steps: 1.) install my mod 2.) login play enjoy MUST READ : THIS MOD ONLY FOR DUNGEON || NORMAL & ELITE FOR NOW THE MOD APK...