modern strike online

  1. Outdated Modern Strike Online Mega Mod 1.23.2 - Infinite Ammo, Rapid Fire, No Recoil

    Name: Modern Strike Online Version: 1.23.2 Root: No Mod: - NightVision Activated - Infinite Grenades In Game Only - Infinite Medkits In Game Only - Removed Medkit Cooldown - No Items Break - No Weapon Break - Flash Bang Immune - Premium VIP Account Activated - Experience And Bonus Activated -...
  2. Unbundle/Unpack unity dll's

    Hey, I've been stomped at trying to find out how to extract the dll's from games like modern strike online 1.17.3. They have somehow put the assembly files into a .dat file. Is there a program or to reverse this process or does anyone know how to recover the dll' s and make the project normal...
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