1. Setsunamudou

    Resolved Warrior's Market Mayhem v1.3.6

    Game Name: Warrior's Market Mayhem Game Version: 1.3.6 Google Play Store Link: Warriors' Market Mayhem - Android Apps on Google Play APK Link: Warriors' Market Mayhem APK Download - Gratis RPG PERMAINAN untuk Android | Cheat Request : Unlimited Gems and Honor Have you used any...
  2. Toxik

    How to root S6

    Im sorry i know this is not here to make that but its still a request ( i read the rules) Its a request for a tutorial about how to root any device because mine (Galaxy S6) is...
  3. A

    VIP "Crazy gods/Dewa ngamuk"

    Ada yang bisa bantu upgrade VIP buat game CREAZY GODS / DEWA NGAMUK. kalo beli langsung dari server mahal gan Kalo bisa pembayaran tidak melalui paypal. Thanks! :sunglasses:
  4. T

    help me find edit this file,ninja rebirth.apk

    hey modder i have question about ninja rebirth .apk when im extract the apk and checking it , im found in armeaby and im open using ida pro,but no one function/address can edit,and other folder i see .json and .plist file which file must be edited and how?i just need unlimited...
  5. November12

    Coba kalian main game ini dan kasih review!

    Coba kalian main Shinobi Heroes - Android Apps on Google Play Nih apkpure-nya Shinobi Heroes APK Download - Free Role Playing GAME for Android | Coba kalian main dan kasih review tentang game ini. Review aku, manajemennya buruk sekali, worst banget dah, banyak bug yang sudah lama...
  6. Midwinter

    Request Any paid games (latest version)

    Hi! I'm a long time member here. I've known this forum for a long time. Now it's time for me to give back. Request any game in the comment section. Price range 1 - 5,5 Dollars For the request to be accepted, Follow this template. ------------------------------------ Gamename: Example Google...