soccer spirits

  1. O

    Request new feature for mod? (Soccer Spirits VIP)

    hi i wanted to know if a new feature can be requested. to be specific removing victory conditions for CoT(Colosseum of Trials) such as win using 3~5 shoots, score after x number of shoot attempts, etc because the mod will enable one shot scoring. the current mod features allows up to somewhere...
  2. TeamAR

    Licensed Soccer Spirits 1.34.1

    Root Needed?: No License Needed?: Yes! Mod: 1.) Max damage 2.) Unlimited HP 3.) Always Score on Shoot 4.) Enemies never score Install Steps: 1.) Install and Enjoy. *Notes* DO NOT GO OVER COLOSSEUM OVER 40 AND DO NOT RANK ON GALAXY TIER ON PVP BAN RATE 100% IF U DID THESE 2 ABOVE Playstore...