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  1. Yogibear

    Request Power rangers legacy wars

    Game Name: Power Rangers legacy wars Game Version:1.7.2 Google Play Store Link: Power Rangers: Legacy Wars - Android Apps on Google Play APK Link: Power Rangers: Legacy Wars APK Download - Free Action GAME for Android | APKPure.com Cheats Requested: unlimited shards unlimited gold Free Character...
  2. Dwizpa

    魔界ウォーズ (Makai Wars) v01.04.00 [EnemyWeak]

    Name: 魔界ウォーズ Version: 01.04.00 Root: Yes&No Mod: Modv1 1.) Weak Enemy Atk 2.) Weak Enemy Def 3.) Always Player Turn Modv2 1.) Modv1 + OneHitKill Modv3 1.) AutoWin (NOTE: Remember to still stay Low, Don't forget to upgrades/Level Up your Character First before going futher.) Install Steps...
  3. BTG

    Star Wars™: Commander v. [god mode, dmg]

    Name: Star Wars™: Commander Version: Root: No Mod: 1.) god mode (music on) 2.) massive dmg (sfx on) Install Steps: 0.) install bypass apk, pass through tutorial (new user only) 1.) install mod, let download data, play Credits: BTG (EMT) Playstore: Google Playstore Original...
  4. ToprakKoc

    Race Wars V1.0.5 Money Mod

    Name: Race Wars Version: 1.0.5 Root: No Mod: 1.)Unlimited Money Install Steps: 1.)Download apk and obb from link 2.)Put obb into Android/obb using a Zarchiver or ES File Explorer 3.)Install apk 4.)Enjoy! Credits To: ToprakKoc (me) Playstore Link: Race Wars - Android Apps on Google Play...